Golf Tips: 7 Crucial Tips For Beginners: Tip # 1 – Your Equipment

In my perusal of the web I’ve come across a number of Golf tips for a better golf game.

One of the main themes of this blog is becoming healthier in mind, sole and body and that involves exercise. There can be no doubt that golf is, for a huge number of people an excellent and relatively genital form of exercise.

If you are a newcomer, you will be looking for all the golf tips you can get you hands on and in that case you will find these very helpful.

This is the first of what I’ve called 7 crucial golf tips you can use to improve your golf game.

The seven include:- improving your mental game, your short game, your iron play, your drives, and more.

Let’s start with one of the easiest factors to change because it doesn’t require a lot of practice:

The First of the Golf Tips is Your Equipment

This surprised me, though when I thought about it, it seems fairly logical: Don’t go out, and waste your money on the most expensive clubs you can buy… especially that $500 driver you’ve had your eyes on.

This is particularly true for us beginner, or even if you consider yourself in the intermediate stages of your game. According to the experts, buying a bigger, more expensive driver isn’t going to make you a better player. However spending a few extra hours on the driving range can…

So, what sort of clubs should you buy?

7 Crucial Golf Tips For Beginners Book Cover

7 Crucial Golf Tips For Beginners

– Clubs with over sized heads, because they’re more forgiving of missed, and off-center hits.

– Clubs with titanium heads, because the light weight of the heads allows for more power, without having
to over-swing.

Apparently the point is that you should get quality clubs, but don’t need to go overboard on the stuff that won’t really improve your game.

Secondly, you don’t need a great driver in the beginning. I’m told that although long drives always feel good, hitting long drives is more about skill than the club you’re swinging.

The experts say, if you’re averaging bogey or higher, go grab yourself a top quality pitching wedge first.

Play your wedge anywhere from 90 yards, to as close a step or two off the green, and it saves me more strokes than any other club you will play.

That’s it for this time. But you can discover the other six of the critical Golf tips for playing better golf! Go right ahead and download the rest of the 7 tips here.

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