About Us

We Richard and Heather, are committed to help make their company about faith, family and fun. With quality products and lots of good information.

Roper Enterprises are a family company from Melbourne, Australia. We loved Sharing our faith, picnics and family fun time when our children were young and still love them with our children grown. Soon we will have grand children to share with.

We want your life experience to be an awesome experience just like ours. We wish to serve you in building a fantastic ongoing relationship. We provide an excellent products that will help you grow personally and financially, offering a money back guarantees if you are not satisfied. You need to know that all products you purchase from us will be at your door or delivered by us as a special gift to someone special.

Take the plunge if you’ve never ventured away from home before because you enjoy the home style comforts then we have lots of things to share with you. Find fascinating ways to enjoy good weather with loved ones.

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