Atheists Are Trying To Convert Me. A Look Back At History

Over time I have gained a number of friends who are Atheists; and I love them all. But for some reason this year, some of them have tried to convert me to Atheism.

Now I have a lot of respect for people who don’t believe in God. Not only do I love the fact that they challenge me but the Bible even says that it is better to be completely cold [Revelations 3:15 & 16. “I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth. than sit on the fence.”]

The Arguments Atheists Try to Use To Convert Me

63 Studies Have Shown That Non Believers Are More Intelligent Than Believers

I have been told that more than 63 studies have shown that non believers are more intelligent than believers. But when you take the time to check back on the studies, that’s not what they say at all.

What Their Parents Believed

Then I was told that: the reason people believe what they believe is because that is what their parents believed. I can’t give a link to this because I can’t find the video that was sent to me. But given that non believers are supposed to be more intelligent that believers; you would have thought that the author would have taken the time to check the

Image of Catholic Castles: Atheists try to challenge me

Atheists try to Challenge Me

assertion against history. A good understanding of the history of growth of Christianity, Islam and Buddhism shows that it is just not that simple. And wouldn’t that mean that only believe what they believe because that’s what their parents believe.

It is very important that we look back at what we say and check it to see if it is true.

Most Of The People In The Country Of Greenland Are Atheists

I’ve also been told that, because most people in the country of Greenland are atheists and that they are successful at living that way, therefore the whole wide would would work better without belief. But most counties that have Atheism as policy don’t exactly have a good track record for their “successful way of living”. So again this ignores history. And May I say that regardless of what someone believes, ignoring history is always a bad thing.

Sometimes Its Good Look Back At Our History

And that is the point isn’t it. Sometimes its good to look back at our history an check that we are not just rehashing the bad things of our past. Making sure that the life we choose to lead is not one where we are repeating the mistakes of our own history.

This is something Judo does well, by looking back at the history of Judo through kata (Form Practice) we help secure it’s future. Because of Kata Judo can look forward to a future without distortion of the art.

The First Christmas story

For me looking back to the very first Christmas the story; a baby named Jesus being borne in a stable, allows me to look forward to the things that are important in life.

I need to say that this evangelical atheism does not apply to all my atheists friends. Most are very respectful of my beliefs. But I do find it intriguing, that those who are most aggressive in there attempt to convert me, are the very people who will rail against me if I were to reciprocate. “How dare you try to force your religion down my throat” they say.

Christians Are Always Being Told That They Have No Right To Interfere

We as Christians are always being told that they have no right to interfere with another beliefs. But there is little or no thought to applying such charges to those who express such an opinion.

Christians are always being told that they are paternalistic in spreading our belief. But are not the very people who make that declaration, paternalistic. After all they are asserting that those listening are too stupid to make up their own mind?

I’m not suggesting that Christians have all the answers, they don’t but neither do the Atheists.

Life is difficult. If having a belief in God, even with all the problems associated with that belief helps to give me purpose why wouldn’t I want to tell the world about it.

Maybe life is not meant to be easy but if you seek it, grace will always find a way to make life more abundant.

Go ahead guys challenge away at my faith. I love it

So go ahead guys challenge away at my faith. I love it. But unless you come up with something really good; certainly way better that what you have come up with so far, I hope you’ll forgive me if I don’t give it too much time.

And please don’t be offended if I say “God Bless You”.

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