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Helping Your Children Work Through The Issue Of Pornography Sooner

Sooner or later every good parent is going to have to find a way or helping your children work through the issue of Pornography. It is better sooner than latter. What is your plan? Pornography is a confronting issue to every good parent. But it is readily available everywhere; thanks to the internet and it is best to have a plan on how you are going to talk about it. It is confusing to young children and bears the excitement of forbidden fruit to older ones. Read more [...]

Share Your Faith: Telling Others About Jesus is Dangerous

Share Your Faith is Simple But Dangerous The comparisons made in this video about how to share your faith is right on target but for one thing. I think that the most effective way to tell the story of Jesus is to be among people, building relationships. I don't think the narrator realized just how close he was to the make about the danger in the example. Being among people is one thing but being among people with a message, particularly an unpopular message as the gospel is today, is a whole Read more [...]

Jesus And Forgiveness: The Lords Prayer Sin, Debt & Justice Too

Jesus And Forgiveness: The Parable of the Unmerciful Servant I was thinking about Jesus and forgiveness and the man who went to the King and got his debt forgive (Matt 18:21-35) This man went out and put another man in prison for owing him less even though the second man asked for forgiveness in the same way as the first. When the king who had forgiven the first man found out, he revoked his forgiveness of that debt and sent the original man to prison. Revoking Forgiveness This parable could be Read more [...]

Because I said So, Alternatives: Better Ways To Get A Good Response

What To Say Instead of Because I Said So "Because I said so". Lets face it we have all said it. Sometimes you become so exasperated by the conversation with your child. Other time because it seems the only answer to that endless "Why" Question becomes. If you are anything like me, when you were a child, you probably told yourself that you would never say those words to your own children. Because you really resented "Because I told you so". Then one day you find yourself standing there in disbelief, Read more [...]

Servant Evangelism: You Don’t Have To Be An Eloquent Evangelist

What Is Servant Evangelism? To be involved in servant evangelism you don't have to be an eloquent evangelist to be able to share the gospel. You don't have to be in a mission organization or even in a particular job. An ordinary person doing your ordinary job is all that is needed; even yoga. You don't even have to share your faith openly and God can and will still use you; just as long as you don't hide it. Read more [...]