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How Do Christians Respond To Suffering When It’s Time To Think

Your Pain Is Not Like Mine When confronting tragedy the hardest thing is to let people into your world of pain and suffering. True friends respect that and are not distracted by the red herring of the theology of suffering and evil.  But there may come a point when we want to ask how do Christians respond to suffering? In the link above, I've outlined a brief strategy that I think everybody should follow when being a friend to those going through the grief process; particularly if you have no Read more [...]

How To Have A Good Relationship With Your Child: Four Daily Habits

How To Have A Good Relationship With Your Child It seems obvious but spending time with your children is the single most important thing you can do in your life as a parent. So the question is just how to have a good relationship with your child? What to do in that time and how to spend that time is the next question. But the reality is that every family is different. In each family time is distributed differently among all the different family members. It can be very hard to get together. How Read more [...]

Suffering And Evil Prove God Does Not Exist? Life Has No Meaning?

One of the perplexing questions that troubles most Christians is the question of the suffering and evil. It is often used by those who don't believe as proof that God does not exist. Don't be arrogant when you confront it. Anybody who professes that this is an easy question to answer is not being intellectually honest. There are so many that try to dismiss this question with trite answers. It is just not acceptable. People who are seeking answer, particularly people who are in pain need to be Read more [...]

Helping Your Children Work Through The Issue Of Pornography Sooner

Sooner or later every good parent is going to have to find a way or helping your children work through the issue of Pornography. It is better sooner than latter. What is your plan? Pornography is a confronting issue to every good parent. But it is readily available everywhere; thanks to the internet and it is best to have a plan on how you are going to talk about it. It is confusing to young children and bears the excitement of forbidden fruit to older ones. Read more [...]

Share Your Faith: Telling Others About Jesus is Dangerous

Share Your Faith is Simple But Dangerous The comparisons made in this video about how to share your faith is right on target but for one thing. I think that the most effective way to tell the story of Jesus is to be among people, building relationships. I don't think the narrator realized just how close he was to the make about the danger in the example. Being among people is one thing but being among people with a message, particularly an unpopular message as the gospel is today, is a whole Read more [...]