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Thoughts About Faith: Why We Fear Faith? Why Do We Not Embrace It?

One of the thoughts about faith I've been having lately is: Could it be that we fear faith because it leads to the truth? I had a conversation with a lovely lady the other day, who told me with tears in her eyes, how her husband called himself an Atheist but was very happy to consider the alternative. This lady was thrilled that her husband was prepared to do this for her: so why were there the tears? Read more [...]

Cleaning Basket Ideas: Cleaning and Maintaining Picnic Baskets

Cleaning Basket Ideas: How to Clean and Maintaining Your Picnic Basket When you speak about picnics, you always think about the picnic basket. Picnic baskets are traditional for picnic food. If you’re fond having picnics in a park or a hiking trail with food, you have to make sure you take good care of your basket. That's why you need these cleaning basket ideas. Spending quality leisure time with family and friends is always a welcome activity. Busy workdays demand for such gatherings to strengthen Read more [...]

How To Make Kids Eat: Stop That Mealtime Melodrama

I was always a fussy eater as a child. With what my elders described to me, I was concerned meal time would be a nightmare when I became a parent. I just had to work out how to make kids eat. But it wasn't a nightmare! Our Solution To How To Make Kids Eat My wife and I decided that we were never going to force our children to eat. We figured that they would eat when they were hungry. The only stipulation was, if they decided they were not going to eat what was set in front of them, they could Read more [...]

Christian Outreach May Just Be About Seeing What is in Front of us

Christian Outreach For Those of us Who Haven't Seen it The challenge was made before that Christian outreach should be about Living the Gospel by Making It Believable. But the real challenge is how do we do that? Well one way is to pay attention to what is going on around us. This of course only sets up another challenge for those of us who have a very short attention span. Let alone are not very observant at the best of times.  But it is realistic and what if we were to pray and ask God Read more [...]

Kids Birthday Picnic Ideas: Picnic Party in The Park

Kids Birthday Picnic Ideas: Planning a Picnic Party In The Park? Kids parties are fun! As a parent or guardian, you can be creative in how you set it up or even in how you invite your guests. One great idea is to have a birthday picnic party for your child. You can just go to the park and invite as many children as you want. The space is yours to share with other picnickers in the area. If it’s your first time throwing a party like this, here are some Kids Birthday Picnic Ideas: Think Read more [...]

Sorry Kids: Do The Right Thing Say Sorry To You Kids

Saying Sorry Kids can Be Hard Being responsible for someone, loving someone and wanting the best for someone can sometimes lead us to bad choices. And because we are proud we do not like to admit that we were wrong. Saying sorry kids can be really hard for some of us. I have seen severe cases of this in the workplace. I have see bosses virtually wipe the floor with employees only to discover they were wrong but never willingly say sorry. Instead carrying on as thought nothing happened. Despite Read more [...]

Living The Gospel: How is Your Life Making The Gospel Believable?

Living The Gospel Making It Believable We should all be living the gospel. But because of us, the Gospel suffers an image problem. That's the catch cry of this 1 minute audio file. Here the challenge is set for us to seek out for ourselves how our lives are making the Gospel believable? The speaker make it sound simple but it's not. However I think that it is achievable. Richard Read more [...]