Because I said So, Alternatives: Better Ways To Get A Good Response

What To Say Instead of Because I Said So

“Because I said so”. Lets face it we have all said it. Sometimes you become so exasperated by the conversation with your child. Other time because it seems the only answer to that endless “Why” Question becomes.

If you are anything like me, when you were a child, you probably told yourself that you would never say those words to your own children. Because you really resented “Because I told you so”. Then one day you find yourself standing there in disbelief, hearing those very words coming out of your mouth. And you are either too exasperated or too embarrassed to fix it.

Image of person screaming into the camera. This article is about "Because I said so alternatives

Exasperated I Screamed “Because I said so”

Of course it doesn’t help that you don’t have the resources to draw on to make sure that you don’t say it in the first place.

That is were this article comes in Updating “Because I Said So” – Four things to say instead. .

There are may be better things that you can say other than “Because I told you so”. You may have thought of some yourself. But it is always good to hear what other people use and expand your knowledge base.

More than anything, you know that those five words will produce a backlash. It is worth while having and alternative.

Besides if you have been faithful in none emergency situation, I think it would be a rare child that would disobey you in an emergency.

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