Body Starvation Mode: My Weight Loss Story Pt13

As I said last time, there is little doubt in my mind that one of the factors that has made my weight loss hard is the sugar and carb cravings that I have had. I gave links to show that this appears to be backed up by research. However I have discovered that not only are carbs and sugar addictive to a degree; something that makes sense since we need them to live but when we diet the body goes into a kind of body starvation mode.

That is, experts say that the body interprets a diet as though it is being staved and does everything it can to stop the diet from being effective. Professor Jules Hirsh was in the forefront of obesity research for 50 years and he observed that people who lost weight showed the same symptoms as those people who starved and that the body would do everything possible to put the weight back on. There is a a kind of body starvation mode put into action. It does this by “slowing” metabolism as you lose weight.

That’s right “Slowing” metabolism as you lose. Now there is a clanger!

I have always been told by everybody, that fatter people have slow metabolisms but it would seem that despite what most people believe, someone who is not over weight does not necessarily have a fast metabolism. In fact it is more likely that they will have a slow one.

Now What: Food Addiction and Body Starvation Mode?

Image of two slices of bread on with a bit out of it: When I diet go into body starvation mode

When I diet I Starve

So not only do I have to contend with the addictive nature of sugar and carbs I also have to

contend with my own body starvation mode. Now the amount of will power I need to stay on a diet is starting to look to be substantial. Do I really have to be my fathers son and just exercise massive will power in order to lose that pounds / kilograms.

University of Minnesota’s professor Traci Mann has done significant research on eating behavior for the US National Institute Of Health and NASA and she says that diets do not work in terms of losing weight and keeping it off. This is based on over 100 studies of diet over thirty years. Most regain their weight and put it all back on and then some.

Learning this I was totally at a loss to know what to do but there was a way through and next time I’ll tell you what it is.


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