How Do Christians Respond To Suffering When It’s Time To Think

Your Pain Is Not Like Mine When confronting tragedy the hardest thing is to let people into your world of pain and suffering. True friends respect that and are not distracted by the red herring of the theology of suffering and evil.  But there may come a point when we want to ask how do Christians respond to suffering? In the link above, I've outlined a brief strategy that I think everybody should follow when being a friend to those going through the grief process; particularly if you have no Read more [...]

Suffering And Evil Prove God Does Not Exist? Life Has No Meaning?

One of the perplexing questions that troubles most Christians is the question of the suffering and evil. It is often used by those who don't believe as proof that God does not exist. Don't be arrogant when you confront it. Anybody who professes that this is an easy question to answer is not being intellectually honest. There are so many that try to dismiss this question with trite answers. It is just not acceptable. People who are seeking answer, particularly people who are in pain need to be Read more [...]