How To Fix Your Slice In Your Golf Game. Drive the Ball Further

How To Fix Your Slice We all know that golf is a great exercise. Here is some advice for all those that are having trouble getting your ball to go where you are aiming. It is a great little video that will teach you how to fix your slice in your golf game. By fixing you slice you will be able to drive the your ball further and improve your golf swing overall; as well as you game. For any body who doesn't know what a slice is, it is where you create a spin on the ball in such a way as to cause Read more [...]

Picnic Set: In Praise of A Better Choice Than Traditional Baskets

In Praise of The Picnic Set A picnic set is a far better choice than a traditional basket. They are stylish, colorful and add to the ambience of your outdoor experience. These sets often include a tablecloth and enough dishes and utensils to serve two to four people. Some will even include salt and pepper shakers along with other essential accessories. Most people love a picnic set because they secure everything in a single container. Plates, napkins and utensils are held in their appropriate Read more [...]

Driving in America Tips: 4 Things I Learned Road Tripping North America

Driving in America Tips: Finding People and Places of Beauty While Traveling Over the course of my life I have traveled all around North America, mostly in the U.S.A. but at times in Canada as well. On my travels I have seen and done some pretty amazing things, there are however four main things I have learned while traveling. Here are my driving in America tips. People Are, As A Whole, Exceptionally Friendly The first of which is that people are, as a whole, exceptionally friendly. No matter Read more [...]

Picnic Wine: Surprise Your Significant Other With Chardonnay

Chardonnay And Picnic Wine If your goal is to surprise your significant other, perhaps by taking him or her to a romantic location. You often need look no further than the nearest park or patch of forest. These are outstanding places that mix your own tastes with the gifts that nature has to offer us. In wooded areas, you can find yourself gazing at beautiful clearings or even over the edge of cliffs that look onto beautiful lakes or ravines. There really is no limit to what you can find out there. Read more [...]

Perfect Picnic Tips: The Packing Is As Important As The Food

Pack the Perfect Picnic Tips In these packing the perfect picnic tips, it all begins with the picnic basket. Of course a well-made and well designed basket makes it easy to assemble the right number of plates and utensils. But most importantly it allows for the right amount of food and drink to enjoy under a shady tree somewhere. No matter what you include in your picnic, it needs to be something that will be easy to eat with your hands as well. Thankfully, there are plastic containers that make Read more [...]

Family Road Trip Tips: Putting The Fun Back In The Drive

Putting The Fun Back In With Family Road Trip Tips There is nothing worse than going on a long drive and having the fun taken out of it because of cranky kids. You need some family road trip tips to survive and come out of it with a smile on you face. Pack Well But Don't Eliminate The Space We did a lot of long drives when the kids were little. But after we bought a van we realized one of our mistakes was literally packing the kids in. Suddenly they all had room to move and it changed the Read more [...]

Vintage Picnic Basket: Wonderful Day, Delicious Lunch, Everything’s Ready

It is just the two of you on a grassy spot near the riverbank. You have a delicious picnic lunch packed in an vintage picnic basket lined with a red and white checkered cloth. A blanket is spread under a shady oak. Everything is perfect for a wonderful day. Nostalgic Picnics With Vintage Picnic Basket A Vintage picnic baskets is as popular as they are varied. Baskets range in size from just right for two people to a large family. Styles range even more. Some are open topped, some have hinged Read more [...]

Bottle Totes & Carriers For Picnics & Other Events – Drinks Carried in Style

You are planning a grand picnic or event and you want to take chilled wine or your favorite drink along. Then you surely you need a something that can keep your bottle safe and the drink cool. Today there is an extensive range of products designed to carry wine bottles safely wherever you are going. Check out some of the bottle totes & carriers options that you have to carry your drinks in style: Read more [...]