How To Have A Good Relationship With Your Child: Four Daily Habits

How To Have A Good Relationship With Your Child It seems obvious but spending time with your children is the single most important thing you can do in your life as a parent. So the question is just how to have a good relationship with your child? What to do in that time and how to spend that time is the next question. But the reality is that every family is different. In each family time is distributed differently among all the different family members. It can be very hard to get together. How Read more [...]

Helping Your Children Work Through The Issue Of Pornography Sooner

Sooner or later every good parent is going to have to find a way or helping your children work through the issue of Pornography. It is better sooner than latter. What is your plan? Pornography is a confronting issue to every good parent. But it is readily available everywhere; thanks to the internet and it is best to have a plan on how you are going to talk about it. It is confusing to young children and bears the excitement of forbidden fruit to older ones. Read more [...]

Because I said So, Alternatives: Better Ways To Get A Good Response

What To Say Instead of Because I Said So "Because I said so". Lets face it we have all said it. Sometimes you become so exasperated by the conversation with your child. Other time because it seems the only answer to that endless "Why" Question becomes. If you are anything like me, when you were a child, you probably told yourself that you would never say those words to your own children. Because you really resented "Because I told you so". Then one day you find yourself standing there in disbelief, Read more [...]

How To Make Kids Eat: Stop That Mealtime Melodrama

I was always a fussy eater as a child. With what my elders described to me, I was concerned meal time would be a nightmare when I became a parent. I just had to work out how to make kids eat. But it wasn't a nightmare! Our Solution To How To Make Kids Eat My wife and I decided that we were never going to force our children to eat. We figured that they would eat when they were hungry. The only stipulation was, if they decided they were not going to eat what was set in front of them, they could Read more [...]

Sorry Kids: Do The Right Thing Say Sorry To You Kids

Saying Sorry Kids can Be Hard Being responsible for someone, loving someone and wanting the best for someone can sometimes lead us to bad choices. And because we are proud we do not like to admit that we were wrong. Saying sorry kids can be really hard for some of us. I have seen severe cases of this in the workplace. I have see bosses virtually wipe the floor with employees only to discover they were wrong but never willingly say sorry. Instead carrying on as thought nothing happened. Despite Read more [...]

Positive Things To Say To Your Child Instead of “Because I Told You So”

Alternatives To The standard Old Chest Nut Ever been short of positive things to say to your child when you need them to do something? Have you ever caught yourself saying to your children: "Because I Told You So"? I know that I have. And I swore as I was growing up that I would never say that to my kids. I've always believed that kids deserve a proper explanation and I have tried to follow that through. Obviously there are some times where you have to have them respond quickly without question Read more [...]

How To Get Picky Kids To Eat Healthy Or Just Trying Out New Food

How To Get Picky Kids To Eat Healthy Simply I was a fussy eater. In fact my mother had an entire family recipe book littered throughout with comment of "Richard Likes" or did not as the case may be. When I became a parent myself however, I found that the how to get picky kids to eat healthy was reasonably simple. I vowed that my children would not be made to eat anything and I was true to that vow. The way it worked was that when the children got old enough to understand they were told that Read more [...]

Should Students Be Paid For Getting Good Grades

Should Students Be Paid For Getting Good Grades or Not The question of "Should Students Be Paid For Getting Good Grades" is a vexing one. I was never much for bribing my kids for better grades. But then I have never been convinced that grades were the key to a successful life. My own experience with work and education was that the more formal education I had the harder I found it to get a job. After I completed collage I ended up in jobs that had little or nothing to do with my qualifications. Read more [...]

Promoting Independence In Children Using a Hands Off Approach

Is Promoting Independence In Children A Hands Off or Hands On Approach I think I was a hands on parent as my children were growing up and I think I prefer that method of promoting independence in children . But to be fair for a large part of their growing,  I was not home for most of the day. It was my wife that was the stay at home parent. Still I think she was pretty hands on too. The idea of being a hands off parent would not have been something we would have considered. But I can see Read more [...]