Chardonnay A Flavorful Wine To Enjoy At Your Next Picnic

About Chardonnay

Everyone enjoys the lazy summer days when they can pack a picnic basket and head off to their favorite spot. If you are thinking about what to take on your next picnic, why not consider adding Chardonnay to the basket. This is a flavorful wine that goes well with many different types of food.

Although Chardonnay was originally grown in eastern France, it is now grown in a number of places. The grape used for making this wine has a green skin and when fermented for making wine can have several flavors according to where it is made.

If you choose Chardonnay made in California, it will have pear, apple, and plum flavors. Warmer regions tend to produce the wine with melon and peach flavors. Oak and tropical fruit flavors are another type.

What Type of Chardonnay should you Choose?

If you are taking dishes containing turkey or chicken, including Chardonnay is an excellent choice. Flavors that have more of an oak influence are great with fish or spicy foods containing garlic. Also it goes with dishes that include guacamole dips.

Image of grapes on vine: About Chardonnay

Grapes on vine

Some Chardonnays, such as those made in the northern part of the United States have more acidity. They are perfect with smoked fish, chicken salads that include sweet onions or food that is tomato-based. Mellow varieties go quite well with cheese although most of the ones with fruit flavors do too. They tend to bring out the creamy flavor.

If you plan a picnic at night under the stars, taking along this wine and your favorite foods will make it even better. Perhaps you are going to an outdoor concert. Potato salad, deviled eggs, and fried chicken are some of the favorite food to include in your picnic basket for this type of outing. Add a full-bodied bottle and you are ready to go.

If you packing your picnic basket with seafood, for example, crab cakes and salad, Les Pierres Chardonnay is a great choice. This wine combines the flavors of oak spice, caramel, and pear with the aroma of lime and lemon. This wine is crisp and the distinctive flavor is due to the grapes being grown in rocky soil.

When including seafood in your picnic basket unless it is smoked, keep in mind that lighter variety pairs well with this type of food. Those with a heavy oak flavor are better with bolder foods. No matter what food you plan to take on your picnic, there is a Chardonnay that will be the perfect choice.

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