Church Picnics: 4 (Four) Key Factors To Organize

Church picnics are a fun time for all the members of the church to get together and enjoy themselves at a picnic. All the families attending the church can go to a place like a park, lakeside or a beach to enjoy their picnic time. Going on a picnic is a great way for the church members to get to know each other outside the church and build friendships that would not be possible in the other wise busy life. People from the church can help in making all the arrangements for the picnic and they bring the food themselves or cook it at the picnic site only.

Here are a few points you should keep in mind while,

Organizing your church picnics:

Location: It is better to decide a location which is suitable for everyone in the church. The picnic location should also be nearby so that everyone reaches there and comes back in comfortable time. Make sure the location has ample space for people to sit and for the children to play around. Also, check if you need to take permission from any authorities for holding a picnic in that place.

Picnic Tables and Blankets: As everyone would want to sit and relax at the site of the

Church Picnics: Image of a picnic table on a peir

Church Picnics: Watch for the unexpected.

picnic it is advisable to take portable chairs and tables with you. Make sure you pack picnic blankets in case everyone wants to sit on the grass and enjoy the picnic. Take a plastic tarp to place under the picnic blanket in case the grass is wet and clean it for later use.

Picnic Activities: Make sure you plan group activities for everyone at the picnic. Board games like monopoly, snakes and ladders will keep the children occupied. Make teams of children versus adults to play different games and create a fun atmosphere at the picnic. Games like football, Frisbee or baseball can be played in teams as these are fun for everyone.

Picnic Baskets: Take picnic baskets for the picnic that are suitable for carrying hot food items, cold drinks, and cutlery as well as picnic blankets in the picnic baskets. Picnic baskets with shoulder straps and padded handles make it easy to carry all the food and also keep the food items safe from heat, dust, and moisture. Picnic baskets add a comfortable touch to your church picnics,as everything is in place and it is easy to pack lot of material in a large picnic basket.

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