Cleaning Basket Ideas: Cleaning and Maintaining Picnic Baskets

Cleaning Basket Ideas: How to Clean and Maintaining Your Picnic Basket

When you speak about picnics, you always think about the picnic basket. Picnic baskets are traditional for picnic food. If you’re fond having picnics in a park or a hiking trail with food, you have to make sure you take good care of your basket. That’s why you need these cleaning basket ideas.

Spending quality leisure time with family and friends is always a welcome activity. Busy workdays demand for such gatherings to strengthen bonds. One wholesome, fun way to enjoy each other’s company is by having a picnic. It’s something you can easily put together by combining great company and delicious food.

Below are some practical cleaning basket ideas to clean and maintain a picnic basket:

  1. Wooden picnic basket

    This is a picnic basket with wooden lid and woven parts. You can start cleaning it up by scrubbing it first with an oil soap, exclusively formulated for wood. After drying it up, you can apply a light wood varnish, which can easily highlight the type of wood.

  2. Cane picnic basket

    First, you have to use  a soft brush as you wash it with water and mild soap.

    Image of a Basic Picnic Basket with 2 wine bottles in the background: This article is about cleaning basket ideas

    Basic Picnic Basket

    Soak it in the soapy water quickly, then let it dry. Apply linseed oil with a rag. This oil can protect your picnic basket and can bring back its original color. Spraying hydrogen peroxide is also an effective picnic basket cleaner. Application of a leather shoe protectant prevents the accumulation of stains. This also makes it easier for you to clean the picnic basket. The coating of leather shoe protectant also provides a waterproof layer on the picnic basket.

  3. Wicker picnic basket

    If you store this picnic basket in a musty area for a long period, you can go organic in cleaning it. You don’t have to use harsh chemicals to get rid of unwanted sediments and stains. All you need is a vinegar based cleaning solution, patience, and time in some fresh air. The weave of the basket should be vacuumed first before applying the vinegar solution or cleaner.

Go ahead and plan that picnic this weekend. Once you have a reliable, clean, well-maintained picnic basket, every picnic second is unforgettable.


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