Dalek Projector Alarm Clock Repair

image of Dalek Projector Alarm Clock

Dalek Projector Alarm Clock

Dalek Projector Talking Alarm Clock

That is what it looks like when it is working (above). But there have been a lot of Doctor Who fans who have bought this  Dalek Projector Alarm Clock and been very disappointed; because it breaks down after a very short time. The sound just gives up.

My son, who bought was one of the lucky ones because this one (photo right) continued working for many months.

What was really upsetting for me was that he has gone overseas for a while and left it in my care and that is when the sound died.

The first thing I did was go to the internet to see if anybody else has had the same problem and sure enough there were quite a few. But I could find no one that had tried to fix it.

But You can fix this Dalek Projector Alarm Clock

I know any fan would immediately find that statement humorous. After all a Dalek is one of if not the most evil creatures in existence and in the whonivers a dead Dalek is the only good Dalek; except to Daveos or another Dalek. Still enough geekyness. I did not what my son to come home to one that was broken so I open it up.

As expected it is mostly surface mounted circuitry and cannot be repaired. Except the speaker. Now speakers, because of their simple construction generally require, either poor circuit design or physical damage to break down. The assumption is therefore that it is most likely to be something else.

Still with some difficulty and a very good magnifying glass with a light, I discovered the speaker type and value (F 32ohm 0.25W). These are only $4 AUD for 4 on Ebay. I could only lose $4.

I ordered them and after about 10 days they arrived safe and sound.

I should have made a video of this repair job from start to the finish but I really did not expect it to work. Even with that expectation I went ahead and installed the new speaker.

I almost jumped out of my skin when I herd those marvelous words “Exterminate, Exterminate”. So it was the speaker!

So here in the video (below) is what I did it; after the fact.

My only caveats are:

  • Make sure this is out of warranty. If it’s still in warranty take it back and get it replaced.
  • Make sure that you have some soldering and model building skills. It is no fun fixing something only to break something else in the process.
  • Don’t forget to remove the batteries before you start to solder. Anybody with at bit of electronic knowledge already knows this but we all make mistakes and this one could ruin the whole job. And just in case you didn’t know now you do.
  • There is no guarantee that the fault with your Dalek is the speaker.
  • I make no guarantees about how long the new speaker will last. It would seem by the failure rate I have read about, that there is a circuit design flaw. It is therefore just as likely that this new speaker will fail over time also. It just a good thing you have 4 new ones. However it is also possible that there was a bad batch of speakers in stalled in this model Dalek; in which case this thing could go on till you are sick of being exterminated. 🙂

This Dalek Projector Talking Alarm Clock repair project is not hard but it is a bit delicate. I hope I’ve given you enough info in the video to do the job. If not ask, I’ll try to answer. Anybody with the above skills should have no trouble.

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