Delivered Meals, Frozen Diet Meals: My Weight Loss Story Pt9

Last Time: Jenny Craig & My Wife:My Weight Loss Story Pt8. Here is my take on the delivered meals trend or prepackaged diet lean cuisine meals that you buy from the supermarket.

If you have no taste buds (maybe that is a bit harsh but the taste is an acquired one), I can’t imagine anyone persisting with this type of meal for any length of time. Still somebody must like them because they are still on the supermarket shelf. And it must have something to do with the flavor because if you have strong enough determination to diet this way you could easily apply that will to losing weight in any way you like.

Reconstituted meat just kills the frozen diet meals

I think that I’ve tried all the variations of “frozen diet meals” there is available and they all taste great … for about 3 days. In my mind the reconstituted meat just kills the meal. So I say “good on you” if this is your preferred weight loss method but it’s not for me.

Delivered Meals: Lite ‘n Easy

Image of Evening meal: Delivered Meals or Frozen Diet Meals Don't always cut it

Delivered Meals or Frozen Diet Meals Don’t always cut it

However there are variation on the supermarket “frozen diet meals” that do mostly work for me: delivered meals.

The concept is simple enough: the company delivers prepared meals to you door that are “calorie controlled and delicious”. All you have to do is order the meals from their website. My favorite one was a company called Lite ‘n Easy.

Lite n’ Easy” does not seem to exist outside Australia but I’m sure there must be some equivalent out there.

I found this method of weight loss to be fantastic. Not to mention that it meant that with delivered meals, I didn’t have to shop for food except for bread and milk and I did loss some weight.

What let me down however, was the evening meal. I decided that this was the part were they significantly reduced the calories to make the number of daily calories add up to the right amount. That is in order for them to make my daily caloric intake meet the recommended amount for my weight loss choice, the meal they reduced the most calories in was the evening meal.

I concluded this when I could never find an evening meal that I liked. In the end I was breaking the diet in order to be able to enjoy the last meal of the day.

Combine that with the expense of these delivered meals and eventually I gave up on this form of dieting.

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