Dietitians (My Wife Got Sick): My Weight Loss Story Pt10

Last time: Delivered Meals, Frozen Diet Meals: My Weight Loss Story Pt9. Now I want to talk about, my wife and myself visits to dietitians.

In 2010 my wife got very ill and almost died. It is quite a rare disease call “Wegener’s Granular Mitosis“. She is in remission now but has to remain on drugs for the rest of her life. And these drugs are weight gaining.

There are few advantages in getting a serious disease but one of them has been that she was given free access to a dietitian and I was allowed to go with her.

Dietitians know a lot about losing weight.

Image of empty plate with image of list showing 0 nutritional value. Dietitians Know a lot about food

Dietitians Know a lot about food

In fact we have friends that have tried everything they know to lose weight and finally succeed when they went to one. Unfortunate that was not to be the case for my wife and I.

One of the side effects of some of the drugs is to make her constantly hungry and the basic approach of the ones we went to was to just simply eat less calories. There was no advice on increasing protein levels to combat the hunger

Now don’t get me wrong, this is the correct approach, to eat less calories but we already understood that. Read the labels on the food and buy the food with the least calories was the advice we were given.

To be fair we did learn a lot about what was in food and some of it is very scary. But it is expensive to maintain these visits and eventually our time ran out. I’m sure that she (the dietitian) could have helped. After all as I said earlier others have been helped. But we were not able to continue. That is the kicker isn’t it, dieting is all too often expensive.

Other than that I am not really qualified to comment on the benefits and disadvantages of going to a dietitian. If you are looking to for good advice and you can afford to continue to visit long term it is very possible that this is a good way to lose weight. It is certainly the safest because they are very qualified to guide you thought the maze of innocence out there.

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