Driving in America Tips: 4 Things I Learned Road Tripping North America

Driving in America Tips: Finding People and Places of Beauty While Traveling

Over the course of my life I have traveled all around North America, mostly in the U.S.A. but at times in Canada as well. On my travels I have seen and done some pretty amazing things, there are however four main things I have learned while traveling. Here are my driving in America tips.

People Are, As A Whole, Exceptionally Friendly

The first of which is that people are, as a whole, exceptionally friendly. No matter where I have been there were never a lack of smiling faces.

Especially if you are traveling through small towns, some of the nicest people I have ever met were corner store clerks in small towns. They all seem to take a great deal of joy in talking to the travelers; hearing where people are headed or where they are coming from.

You Meet The Most Amazing And Interesting People

Another thing that I have found to be overwhelmingly true in my travels; you meet the most amazing and interesting people.

I can say without a doubt that some, if not all of the most engaging conversations in my life have taken place at a terminal in an airport while waiting for my flight.

The simple fact is that in our everyday lives we have a tendency to talk to the same people about the same things every day. However when you are crammed into a chair that is shockingly undersized, between two complete strangers you can find yourself covering topics that otherwise would never have come up.

There Are Some Pretty Amazing Things To See

Image of map of Midwest USA:Driving in america tips

Midwest USA

There are some pretty amazing things to see on this great continent. Traveling around I have seen some of the most breathtaking sights that North America has to offer; from the rushing falls in Niagara, to a beautiful orange sunset in the Midwest. One of the most amazing things I’ve learned is that you should always take time to enjoy the view; even if you’re in a hurry. Just slow it down and take in the wonder.

Finally Get Off The Interstate

Finally one of the most amazing things I’ve learned is to get off the interstate! Take some rural roads wherever you are going. There are countless tourist traps along the well beaten road. But the hidden gems that this continent has to offer are really so much better. From the local haunts to the historical marvels, if you take the road less traveled you are bound to find something you didn’t even know was there. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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