Effective Witnessing For Christ: Curiosity, Empathy, Sharing, Caring

Effective Witnessing For Christ: Not What You Think

In my attempt at effective witnessing for Christ, I remember Amsterdam very clearly. With a Youth With A Mission Team I was out on the streets. I was also finding myself overwhelmed as the the drugs sellers were everywhere.

Starting a conversation with one of the dealers, I could not help myself and out of shear curiosity I asked him all about his business. He was very happy to give me all the details.

Eventually he asked what I was doing there as I was clearly not after the drugs and I told him. You know what his response was?

He said: you are the only Christian I have met that is not a hypocrite. He was impressed that I had spent my time asking questions not telling him anything.

It was an event that changes my who approach to people. Rather than talk I ask; out of genuine interest to learn. You know what I found? It’s a strange contradiction but I found more people listened.


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