Estrella Mountain Regional Park (AZ): Picnic Areas USA

If you’re looking for a gorgeous place to picnic in Arizona, the Estrella Mountain Regional Park is one of the best picnic areas in the state  It offers beautiful scenery as well as exciting trails.

Located in Maricopa County, close to where the Agua Fria and Gila Rivers meet; in the southwest side of the Valley. The park offers more than 19,000 acres of mountains and pristine desert, as well as a large wetland area.

Picnicking at Estrella Mountain Regional Park Picnic Areas

Image of mountain scape: Estrella Mountain Regional Park

Estrella Mountain Regional Park

Picnic tables dot the park under trees and near beautiful rock formations; which are perfect for small family picnics. This is one of the largest picnic areas in the Valley, with 65 acres of grassy land.

There are eight ramada areas available for larger events, such as birthday and office parties and wedding receptions etc. They come with large grills, electrical outlets, lights, nearby parking and cement slabs. Some even have fire rings for picnickers to enjoy.

There is also a Super Playground nearby for the enjoy playing before and after the picnic.

Biking, Hiking and Horseback Riding

With more than 33 miles of trails available,  this park is the perfect place to go mountain biking, hiking or horseback riding. Just pack a picnic lunch and head out on the trails.

The trails vary in length, with the shortest trail being 2.3 miles and the longest being 8.8 miles. For an all-day experience, there is the Pederson Trail. Be sure to pack plenty of water with your meal, since desert temperatures can get to you.

Stargazing and Picnicking

Arizona provides a stunning big sky. It is perfect for stargazing on clear nights. The Maricopa County Park system holds stargazing opportunities at county parks; including Estrella Mountain Park. When conducted, your telescope is provided for up-close viewing of galaxies, star clusters and planets.

Stargazing opportunities are generally held in the spring and fall during cooler weather. Pack a picnic for a romantic night under the stars, whilst you learn more about the night sky.

For beautiful scenery, plenty of picnic areas, as well as exciting trails and all the other wonderful things to do, Estrella Mountain Regional Park is hard to beat. Go and enjoy!

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