Planning A Picnic: Excellent Tips To Help You On Your Way

Planning A Picnic That Will Be An Excellent One

It has been a terrible week and you deserve a break. You need to turn off your TV for a day, or you are sure to burn out. A picnic is the quickest getaway you can organize for you and your family. Below are some excellent pointers that you should consider in planning a picnic to help you on your way:

  1. Watch the weather

    If you want a perfect picnic, you have to look ahead. You have to study the weather first. You can’t plan a picnic if the weather is unpredictable. But if you’re ready to go on a picnic this weekend, regardless of the weather, just make sure you have a backup plan.

  2. Proper food storage

    Food is the heart of every picnic. You have to keep everything in proper containers, so that they don’t spoil or get contaminated. It is ideal to bring a cooler for cold food and drinks and a separate one for hot food.

  3. The right food

    The right type of food is always imperative in picnics. Here are some that can make your picnic much more unforgettable:

    Image of a picnic setting: It all about excellent tips for planning a picnic

    Picnic and Grill

    • Salads—noodle salads, white rice salads, fruit salads, and vegetable salads.
    • Bread—baguette
    • Cheese—Gouda, Camembert
    • Dips and spreads—Hummus, olive tapenade, guacamole
    • Seafood and meat—grilled chicken, deli meats, grilled fish, oysters on  half shell, and pork chops
    • Drink—wine, sparkling wine, champagne, soda
    • Dessert—summer fruits, dark chocolate, small pastries


  4. Think about activities

    It’s up to you if you want the picnic to be relaxing or very lively with physical activities. Bring magazines, speakers, balls, pillows, or anything you want to use of your day out.

  5. Be organized

    You should always get other picnic essentials ready before the picnic. You’ll never know what you’ll need on the spot. Bring extra food containers, towels, utensils, and golf umbrellas. Place the items strategically in your vehicle or picnic basket, for easier accessibility. Check the park if they allow grilling before you bring your grill paraphernalia. Also be sure to bring trash bags or plastic bins for your picnic wastes.

It’s always fun to go out and get some downtime. Remember that a picnic can only be excellent if you want it to be

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