Family Picnic: Tips for a Successful One

A family picnic doesn’t have to be complex to be fun.

For us it is nothing complicated just basic simple foods that you can take with you and prepare on the spot and are easy. If you are anything like us spontaneity is the way to go. We just buy all things prepared by the supermarket.

The next level of simplicity for us is to buy fresh rolls or bread, some sliced ham or favorite precooked meat, Lettuce, Tomato and any other fresh, canned or prepared vegetable. We make sure we have butter or margarine or any other preferred condiment (Ketchup, Barbecue sauce, Mayo, salt, pepper, sugar etc).

All you need then is bread, a jar of you most liked spread (Jam, Honey etc) or fruit for afternoon tea.

A Family Picnic Needs Watering

Image of a family picnic

A Family Picnic Doesn’t Have To Be Complex To Be Fun

Family picnics are thirsty work, make sure you take plenty to drink, tea, coffee, milk. Be sure you take plenty of hot water in an insulated tote. There is nothing less reliable than hot water at a picnic spot.

It is very important that you remember lots to drink for the children. There is nothing that spoils a picnic and family fun more than tied dehydrated kids.

If your into preparing food days before hand then don’t forget to take it. Don’t laugh we’ve don’t it. I would have to be something special for us to want to prepare food that far in advance. It dampens the fun for us.

If however you have a simple favorite recipe I’d love to hear it.

You are going to need a picnic basket or picnic backpack but if you haven’t got one of those you are going to need insulated food carrier, plates, eating utensils, drinking vessels, and preparation utensils (cutting boards knives etc).

As far as plates goes it up to you what you choose but in my opinion I’d stay away from paper plates. If you are going to take paper plates choose the thicker ones the light thin cheap one are just a pain they don’t hold the food they blow away too easily and you can’t cut anything on them without them tearing. But they are cheap and they make great Frisbee and excellent craft material if you want them for an activity after the meals.

Unless you know your location that you are going to you need to decide if you are going to take a Picnic table with an umbrella or a picnic blanket.

Make sure that you take hats, sunglasses, sunscreen and if you are taking anything in cans please remember the can opener. From personal experience trying to open a can with a hammer from the car is not as much fun as the TV makes it out.

Extra picnic activities: games for driving and when you get there.

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