Family Road Trip Tips: Putting The Fun Back In The Drive

Putting The Fun Back In With Family Road Trip Tips

There is nothing worse than going on a long drive and having the fun taken out of it because of cranky kids. You need some family road trip tips to survive and come out of it with a smile on you face.

  1. Pack Well But Don’t Eliminate The Space

    We did a lot of long drives when the kids were little. But after we bought a van we realized one of our mistakes was literally packing the kids in. Suddenly they all had room to move and it changed the atmosphere. You may think that they are going to sleep all the way and if you are lucky that will be true. But if they don’t and you have them packed in too tight you will pay for it.

    You don’t have to buy a van but you may need to consider if you really do need to

    Picture of an open Raod surrounded by Forrest: Here are some family road trip tips.

    Road Trip: It Can Actually Be Fun

    take as much stuff as you think you do.

  2. Plan Your Stops

    If you know where and when you are going to stop you have the ability to answer that mind bending question: “are we there yet?”

  3. Allow Some Time For Things To Go Wrong

    When you are diving with kids things will go wrong. If you are on too tight a schedule you put your self and the trip under stress. It only takes a little to set off a bad atmosphere.

These are just a few we have picked up over the years. But you can get a whole lot more family road trip tips in this article.

You should read those tips too.


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