Farm holidays: Fun for the whole Family not just the kids

I don’t care what the season is farm holidays are some of the best memories that I have.

Our family used to visit with family friends on their dairy farm every year and I always look forward to it. So much so that I was always impressed that I hardly missed watching T.V.

In those days there were only a 2 stations down that way anyway so there wasn’t much on that I liked to watch. Still as I city kid with a massive 4 stations to watch at home, I was always amazed at how little T.V. I watched when I was on the farm. There always seemed to be so much to do. Beside when you get up at 4am in the morning to milk the cows, a kid at the age I was looking for my bed at 6PM.

Vintage Tree Landscape: Farm Holidays

Fresh air and all the non city smells

As I said there was always so much to do and I didn’t even realize that I was learning so much. You learn about agriculture, biology and chemistry. All in a real world setting. You learn how fertilizers work, how plants grow and how your food is really made not just where milk came from.

But it wasn’t all work. There were tree houses to build and play in. There were mini golf courses to make and there were some amazing walks to go on. Oh, the fresh air and all the non city smells.

There were not just cows on this farm. There were all kinds of animals. There were chickens and dogs, horses, occasionally a pig and even sheep or two. All part of the business and survival. And then there were the pets: ferrets, rabbits and sometimes it was impossible to tell what was a pet and what was there to work.

I think everybody deserves a farm vacation. I always felt sorry for those that did not have the opportunities that I had.

I was recently surprised to find farm holidays even in cities like New York or Boston have farms just a few dozen miles away. But it makes sense after all even cities have to get their food from somewhere.

Farm Holidays: You Can Choose An Adventure

It turns out that many farms will have adventures you can go on. Including a tours of the farm, a little bit of horseback riding, some even with authentic farmer’s meal at night. You can stay at some of them up to a week or two. Playing, learning, pick fruits, play with animals and eat together.

Smaller farms, you might just have you helping out informally.

Find A Farms Near You

The source I found was This site lists farms from all around the world with all sorts of farm holidays.

Make sure you check the farm’s description carefully. Some farms don’t charge for summer stays if you’re helping out. But by and large, farms treat farm stays as an attraction of sorts and charge accordingly.

This kind of adventure isn’t for everyone. But I wish it had been around fro my kids because by the time I have kids the farm that I was so attached to had been sold by our friends and it was one opportunity that they missed out on that I really regretted.

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