Fun Games For Kids: Games In The Car & When You Get There

Games in the car whilst you are traveling, are not just for the kids! With a bit of creativity fun games for kids can go well beyond the stock standard games that are so old even the kids are board with them.

Fun Games can help build relationships and improve bonding. Many can be very sophisticated and be as much for adults as for children. They not only keep children entertained but the driver calm and even add to the romance of the day.

Games in the car: Fun Games For Kids That Make Getting There Fun As Well

I can think of nothing more stressful than going for a lovely drive or heading out for a picnic, without distractions. Don’t get me wrong, I loved going out with the family. Such outings are the highlight of my week. But when traveling to visit a new place or an old favorite, kids can become a real problem the moment they become board. And Kids can become board so very quickly.

Image of 2 children Enjoying themselves in the back of the car: This article is about Fun Games for Kids

Kids Having Fun In The Car

On the other hand, having things for the kids to do whilst you are driving, can also be problematic. It’s not as if you can take your hands off the wheel and play checkers. So the games need to be ones that you can play and still concentrate on your driving.

Over the years I my wife and I have come up with a number of fun games for kids that you can play safely whilst you travel:

One favorite game we simply called “Our Driving Game”. This is a simple game that you can modify to suit any age that can read numbers and letters and form simple words.

There are anagram games; Boggle type games; Adding games; Collecting games you can do without risk or stopping the car.

There are also a few games you can play, when you get to wherever you are going. Just because the fun doesn’t have to stop when you get to were your going and the place does not have anything going for it.

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