Garage Sales: The Perfect Time for a Treasure Hunt

Call me nuts but if I needed cheap entertainment for the family, Garage sales adventures were high on the list when our kids were younger. In fact we got away with it well into their teenage years. There was always that: “Oh I’ve always wanted one of those” moments.

It’s a quick and easy way to spend a day on your own, with family or with friends.

The thrill of the barter and the “what’s that” surprise is often, on it’s own something to be treasured.

Then there is the moment of “you want how much?”. Then you reply with “you’ve got to be dreaming”.

Where and when to Find Garage Sales

image of a someone checking out stuff at garage sales

Garage Sale Hunting is Fun

I don’t care what temperature it is… well that’s not true. Unless it is snowing or raining or below 10 deg. C or so hot eggs don’t just cook on the car they disintegrate there is always bound to be someone trying to sell something. You may just have to do a bit of a drive to get there (don’t know what it is like in other countries but in The Land Of Oz – Australia, people put adds in the local paper so you don’t have to look too hard.

There is also Craigslist in the community or events section or the local grocery store on their flyer or community notice boards.

People don’t just stop at selling their old stuff either. You can expect to find paintings, handmade clothing and vintage goods.

Tips for a Great Garage Sales Hunt

The good stuff will go early. Snapped up by dealers or Ebay sellers.

That means that it is not an all day event so do yourself a favor, start early and plan something else for the afternoon if you are taking the kids.

It also means that you can’t see something and come back latter. Someone else will probably notice it too and it will be gone. You might want to just carry it with you while you continue shopping. If you don’t want it, you can always put it back down. This way, someone else can’t come in and pick it up whilst you are making you mind up.

Open every case. Don’t just assume that because a CD is marked “The Beatles” that there’s an actual Beatles CD inside.

Use your fingers to inspect items, rather than just your eyes. Your fingers will spot chips and rough edges that your eyes wouldn’t see.

Yes going to garage sales is a great way to spend a morning or two. You can pick up amazing deals, talk to some interesting people and just enjoy driving around.

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