Gardening Flowers: Blooming Onion flower and Garlic flowers

What to do with those onion flower and garlic flowers.

Anybody who knows me will know I’m not much for gardening, particularly gardening flowers. Still gardening is an excellent way to get some good healthy exercise and fresh air.

I have a standard line whenever I’m asked: “What is that flower?”. I reply: “it’s a flower of course”.

But for many picnicking and growing you own food go hand in hand.

Gardening Flowers: flowers ain’t just flowers

Picture of Blooming Onion flower: This article is about Gardening Flowers

Blooming Onion

After what I just said, no one is going to be surprised if I say that I didn’t know that you

had to be careful with with the onion flower and garlic flowers. I just thought that they were a pretty flower and I’ve been letting them grow.

So if you like me and your happy just to let the flower grow then I guess you don’t have to read this article.

However if you love growing you own vegetables then I would also be taking a look, as the flower may not be you best friend in this case.

If your an avid gardener then this may be old information. Still I have known experts that have discovered gaps in their knowledge so it always worthwhile making notes like this.

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