Healthy And Overweight, My Weight loss Story Pt15

Last time I talked about making small changes to my eating in an effort to reduce my weight. But there are people out there that insist that you can be healthy and overweight. That is it is not relevant whether or not you are overweight but only if you are healthy. More specifically whether you are fit.

And more often than not these people are way fitter than I.

I guess it remains to be seen if what they believe pans out or not. The jury is still out on whether you can be healthy and overweight.

But even if this does pan out the biggest barrier for someone like me is: “I hate exercise”.

picture of feet walking on walking machine:Can You Be Healthy And Overweight?

Fit And Fat Is It Possible?

Well maybe that is a bit strong but I hate regular exercise programs. Apart from anything else they hurt. They didn’t used. There was a time when I would happily train, particularly at Judo. But even though I have my own club now, I still don’t train like I used to.

Injury is my biggest restriction; ironically the worst of which are nothing to do with Judo. However I can’t deny that age is also a factor now as well. So anything more that moderate exercise is not something that I look forward to even if I had the will.

Can You Be Healthy And Overweight?

I will come back to exercise in another blog post but whilst I was pondering the above I began to ask: “So where did all my problems with my weight start anyway?”

According to some I don’t even have a weight problem. These people maintain that I only think I’m overweight and I only think that because of a global conspiracy perpetrated by the insurance industry and blindly followed by the medical profession.

Apparently in an insurance office in Manhattan: Louie Dublin Chief statistician of Metropolitan Life Insurance (MLI) the biggest insurance company in the 1940’s, did a compared all the customer that had heart attacks with of those above a certain weight. He concluded that more than half of the American population was at risk of having a heart attack. And seeing the statistics the entire medical profession were won over. So it is not even a medical issue but a conspiracy.

The problem is that they are legitimate statistics even though they weren’t come by via a medical study and they have been borne out by countless medical studies since. So I’m inclined to think that it’s not really a conspiracy as nice as that would be.

So I guess it’s back to trying to find a genuine solution to my problem.

Next time I want to talk about my difficulties with eating fruit and vegetables.


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