How Do Christians Respond To Suffering When It’s Time To Think

Your Pain Is Not Like Mine

When confronting tragedy the hardest thing is to let people into your world of pain and suffering. True friends respect that and are not distracted by the red herring of the theology of suffering and evil.  But there may come a point when we want to ask how do Christians respond to suffering?

In the link above, I’ve outlined a brief strategy that I think everybody should follow when being a friend to those going through the grief process; particularly if you have no training in grief counseling. It’s far from comprehensive, it’s not meant to be but it is a strategy I have found helpful.

But as I have said there may come a time when your mind or the minds of those you are caring for, starts to look for reasons in what has or is happening. I am not suggesting that you should make any attempt to be definitive but sometimes having an inkling into some of the intricacies is helpful.

Image of a person crying: How Do Christians Respond To Suffering?

Someone is crying Lord

So Just How Do Christians Respond To Suffering?

I have a friend whose wife died as a result of Alzheimer’s. He wrote what was essentially a little booklet and writing it certainly gave him some comfort. When he showed it to friends so many of them found some solace in it that they started requesting copies. When he told me about it I asked him if he would be so kind as to send me a copy which he happily did.

If you have reached a point in your grief where you are looking for some of the biblical reasoning on how do Christians respond to suffering, this little booklet on Christian suffering may offer some comfort.

Not all the answered are there. All the answers do not exist in this world. You may not agree with everything that is said. It may not even be what you are looking for. But when you are ready you may find some hope in it.

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