How To Make Kids Eat: Stop That Mealtime Melodrama

I was always a fussy eater as a child. With what my elders described to me, I was concerned meal time would be a nightmare when I became a parent. I just had to work out how to make kids eat.

But it wasn’t a nightmare!

Our Solution To How To Make Kids Eat

My wife and I decided that we were never going to force our children to eat. We figured that they would eat when they were hungry. The only stipulation was, if they decided they were not going to eat what was set in front of them, they could not have any desert (pudding, sweets). This rule was followed even when they were toddlers.

Image of baby's face covered in food: This article is about how to make kids eat

Fussy Is Not A Problem

This worked and it took all of the sting out of meal time. Anybody was allowed to leave the meal (after excusing themselves when they got older) at any time. As long as they understood that there was nothing else following if they did.

There were snacks during the day but only at set times unless it was a special occasion.

We did, over time discover their favorite foods and often cooked them. But there was rarely any occasions, where we cook different meals for different children at the same meal.

I watch young mothers stressing over whether there children and often I am in a position to give advice but it does seem as though youth doesn’t want to listen and that is sad.

If you do happen to try my advice and still you get concerned about you not eating talk to your doctor. They may even back me up. I know some did when our children were growing up; I know others have similarly used what I we did and have found it very helpful. Even experts give this advice.


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