How To Stop Kids Fighting & Bickering When You Are In The Car

A How To Stop Kids Fighting Strategy

Here is a strategy that is worth a try if you are sick of your kids bickering in the car. It is some really good advice on how to stop kids fighting. But what they don’t say in the article is that if you are going to try it, you have to be strong and consistent.

Image of car stoplight : This article is about How To Stop Kids Fighting in the back of the car

Stop That Bickering

Don’t just do it once and then revert back to normal. You have to do it repeatedly until the message is received and the better behavior is well established. To that end start doing it when it is going to be most inconvenient for the children yet will not make you late for some time sensitive activity that significantly affects your life.

Don’t turn it into an activity that you will resent. The article suggest you be strategic about the implementation and that is what you should do.

At the same time don’t be put you off. This is a very good strategy. It just requires a bit of planning persistence and determination.

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