I Really Am Sorry: How To Teach Kids To Say It And Mean It

How Do You Teach Kids To Say “I Really Am Sorry”

The problem with any method of teaching kids to say “I Really Am Sorry” the right way is that is requires you to give full attention to the children involved.

The up side is that once you have established the pattern you only have to set the process in motion. The time commitment is not as stringent.

Having said that, when I was learning how to deal with children I used to get really annoyed with authors that set up processes for children saying things like “I’m sorry” that required massive commitment on my part. Especially when it was quick and easy to make a child say sorry and giving a hug as they do to the offended child and move on.

Image of Two Kids Facing a wall in a room: I Really Am Sorry

Learning To Say Sorry

As this article points out such simplified methods, whilst resulting in some resolution doesn’t help children much to genuinely understand the effects of what they did.

It therefore becomes worthwhile spending the time as they get old enough to understand abstract concepts of saying sorry.

Read the article and see what you think.

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