Jenny Craig & My Wife: My Weight Loss Story Pt8

Last time I talked about Weight Watchers. Today I want to staying on the same theme and off myself for a while. I want to talk about my wife and her experience with Jenny Craig.

This  is also an excellent weight loss program but suffers from similar issues as Weight Watchers. The differences are that, unlike Weight Watchers you get a personal consultant rather than being in a group session, you buy your food from the the center rather than from the supermarket and you are encouraged into an exercise program.

But the principals are just the same. That is, the idea is to teach you to learn what foods to eat and not to eat in order to lose weight.

My wife and Jenny Craig

Here is my wife’s experience in her own words:

“When I first went to Jenny Craig the staff were nice and encouraging very helpful and interested in the goal I had set for myself.

However I couldn’t guarantee the same staff member every week so I started getting discouraged.”

I enjoyed the food at first and found that even though it could be microwaved it was much nicer cooked in the oven

It wasn’t cheap food as I also had to go to the supermarket to buy fruit, vegetables, breads and dairy products. In the end I got bored with their food.

I was encouraged to buy a pedometer and an exercise video with a stretch cord.

I was also discouraged by the lack of support from some of the staff members. Jenny Craig advertise that you have your own support counselors, well I started feeling that I was an inconvenience and they didn’t keep up with the regular weigh ins like they were supposed to. When I asked to be weighed they asked if I felt I had gone all right for the week and when I said yes I was told that they were busy and would do it next week.”

Some comments on Jenny Craig

Image of empty plate with image of list showing 0 nutritional value. Jenny Craig: Weight Loss with support

Weight Loss with support

The main reason for attending weight loss companies is to get support and encouragement if this element fails then it’s whole purpose fails. I think we all know that you can push through just about any other problem no matter how or what it is (the taste of food for example) if you have support.

In a latter post we I will talk about emotional eaters and there is no doubt that if you are an emotional eater or just a person who needs encouragement to reach you goal, then something like Jenny Craig may be just what you need. My wife’s experience of lack of support may be, I suspect, the exception so you can’t make a judgement based on it. But if you were to make use of such a company you can now go in with your eyes opened and make sure you get the support you need.

The taste of the the food however is a huge issue in all these programs. I would venture to suggest that it may in fact be the single most significant factor in the failure rate. After all if you are not enjoying your food then some of the spice of life is going to leave you. I think that we have to come up with a better way if we are going to succeed long term.

Many people will get to their goal weight if they persist and that is fantastic and I would encourage anybody to reach for their goal weight. But it is my experience that getting there is only a very small part of the solution you have to be able to stay there. And that requires that there be some joy in what you eat.

Don’t you agree?

Next time: Delivered Meals, Frozen Diet Meals

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