Kids Birthday Picnic Ideas: Picnic Party in The Park

Kids Birthday Picnic Ideas: Planning a Picnic Party In The Park?

Kids parties are fun! As a parent or guardian, you can be creative in how you set it up or even in how you invite your guests. One great idea is to have a birthday picnic party for your child. You can just go to the park and invite as many children as you want. The space is yours to share with other picnickers in the area. If it’s your first time throwing a party like this, here are some Kids Birthday Picnic Ideas:

  1. Think of the venue

    A park is an exciting place to hold a kid’s party. A backup plan in case of rain is good, but think about that and then keep it in a box for a while. Concentrate on renting a beautiful place. The beautiful surroundings are enough to keep everyone entertained. It’s also a safe play area because of the older kids and adults, you’re going to invite.

  2. Yes, the food

    Image of a picnic in the park: kids birthday picnic ideas

    Kids Birthday Picnic

    Also ponder on the right  type of food you should be bringing to the picnic party. Easy-to-eat foods are the order of the day in birthday picnics. You have to make sure that you serve pieces that are easily carried around and are not messy. Vegetable sticks, fruit kebabs, chips, small sandwiches, small salads, and dips are ideal foods to prepare. A collection of cakes, sliced into small pieces are perfect treats as well. Even if there are leftovers, you can just tell your guests to take them home.

  3. Awesome party favors

    You can easily make decorative sugar cookies or picnic –related items, such as sandwich bags. For the sandwich bags, you can just make them yourself, to have a customized party favor for each guest.

  4. Think of themes

    Since you’re in a park, you can amp it up a little by having a themed party. You can take Alice in Wonderland for your girl or a Jungle Safari for your boy. The guests can come in costumes and it can be double the fun!

Be bold and brave planning with your kids birthday picnic ideas! Worry about the weather later. Just make the most out of the space, then you can think about plan “b” in case it  drizzle!

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