Museum Hopping: New Game For The Kids

When our kids were young one of the cheapest and despite what you may think, often one of the most entertaining family activities we could do was go on a museum hopping trip. Not only does everybody get an education or at the very least broaden your horizons but you get to spend time with the whole family.

“that’s not a game” you say, for those of you that have noted that in the title. But it is if you have done some research before you go. In that whilst many are still stayed and crusty institutions many are very interactive. I have been fortunate enough to visit museums around the world the move to interactivity is indeed world wide.

The Joys of the Science Museum Hopping

Complex principles become amazing displays at any reputable science museum these days and turns them into thrilling and fun adventures.

Image of single standing robot. Search for one whilst museum hopping museum

You can get Robots in Museums

For instance : instead of explaining sound waves in wave form, it’s explained in sand. Sound is blasted into the sand, which forms waves in real time.

Instead of explaining the theory behind lasers, museums get kids excited by letting them pop balloons with lasers or showing lasers burning through paper.

Suddenly important scientific concepts become fun and interactive.

Art and History

Art and history museums can be a mixed bag for kids. Some kids love it while others hate it.

If your kids are younger, you might want to skip the art and history museums. If your kids are older and have an interest in art or history, these can be a great choice.

Along the same lines, if your child is older, you might consider taking him or her to a re-enactment if there is one nearby. A re-enactment is where a real historical scene is played out again by actors.

It helps bring a sense of reality to history.

Dinosaur Museum Hopping

As long as you can touch the Dinosaur or the creature move or better still both you have a winner with most kids.

Wax Museum Hopping

Wax museums aren’t really educational… or are they?

You’ll find famous actors, musicians and political figures that look spookily (Is that a word I just made up?) like their real counterparts. Take pictures with life-sized Jackie Chan and Tom Cruise replicas. Kids can get very excited.

You may be lucky in that all you museums may be free entry. But those days are gone for us. So one of the smartest things that we ever did with 4 boys and a very limited budget was by a multi – pass. This allow us access to all the museum in the state. Allowing for many family oriented hours with each other having fun and not even knowing we were being educated.

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