Perfect Picnic Tips: The Packing Is As Important As The Food

Pack the Perfect Picnic Tips

In these packing the perfect picnic tips, it all begins with the picnic basket. Of course a well-made and well designed basket makes it easy to assemble the right number of plates and utensils. But most importantly it allows for the right amount of food and drink to enjoy under a shady tree somewhere. No matter what you include in your picnic, it needs to be something that will be easy to eat with your hands as well. Thankfully, there are plastic containers that make the work of packing items easy. Above all, don’t forget the utensils, they do make eating foods easier.

Keeping foods cold if they need it is one of the important keys to remember. This can be accomplished with a freezer pack or packing the items so they are surrounded with ice cubes that have been placed in a seal-able plastic bag. The advantage to using this is that you will be able to use the ice cubes in drinks if needed when you are ready to eat lunch. Items such as vegetable sticks can be used as dipping utensils for soft cheese or peanut butter. It is a good idea to include some of every person’s favorite treats.

Don’t Forget The Specialty Items

image of a vintage picnic basket on a picnic blanket with a picnic setting: Perfect Picnic Tips

Vintage Picnic Basket and Food

Picnics are often a good place to include specialty items that ordinarily would not be included in a meal. These give an added special touch to the occasion. It is a good idea to include some condiments and wet wipes to take care of any messy spills. If you are packing lunch for others, be aware of any food allergies that may exist. If in doubt, don’t use that item in the picnic basket. Small children can help pack the sandwiches and snacks. If your picnic is in a park or place where a fire pit is allowed, then of course include hot dogs, buns and s’more ingredients. After all, what could be better in the perfectly packed picnic basket than a wonderful concoction of chocolate, graham crackers and chocolate?

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