Perfect Picnic Tips for Planning an Excellent Picnic

Picnics are a great outdoor activity in which you spend quality time with your friends and loved ones. A perfect picnic gives you a chance of eating good food, playing fun filled games and enjoying adventurous activities outdoors. They can be family-oriented, a romantic date between two people or a large get together as in case of company and church picnics.

But if you want you picnic to be perfect the it is going to require some planning. Here are 6 tip for a great picnic:

1) Determine The Location

Of course you need a place to go but a location can be determined depending upon your budget and number of people accompanying you. Don’t limit your locations to picnic parks. Remember beaches, lakes, meadows or fields, mountain or river side, or an adventurous place that you have never explored before, are all valid options to choose from.

2) Manage Your Food Stuff Well

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A Great Picnic or A
Perfect Picnic

Nothing spoils a fun memory like getting sick afterward. Therefore great care should be

taken when you need to deal with the food items. Make sure that you make separate arrangements for hot and cold food items. This is important to prevent food items from getting spoiled during transportation as well as to protect them from external temperature conditions.

You do have to have something to organize your food items, bottles, utensils and some other picnic accessories that you wish to carry along with you. It doesn’t have to be a basket. It can be any kind of tote.

Choose a cooler to manage perishable items or those foods which need to be maintained at cool temperature conditions or an insulated tote or basket for keeping things warm; or just protected from the elements.

3) Don’t Forget The Tables & Chairs

So that you don’t restrict yourself to just picnic parks you should carry your own table and chairs. There are a great many options here but in terms of space I don’t think you can do better than a portable picnic table with chairs for enjoying meals during your excursion. These tables are very lightweight that can fit easily along with the other stuff and also very handy to be carried easily. The sports chairs are also very convenient when you are picnicking outdoors as it is possible that you may not find a suitable seating arrangement.

4) Carry Proper Cooking/Heating Equipment

If you are fond cooking food by yourself then you should carry proper cooking equipment along with you. Barbecue tools or tailgating equipment provide you an opportunity of cooking food outdoors in a fresh atmosphere.

5) The Coffee Flask

If you can’t live without your coffee or tea you need a coffee flask. You can also get Coffee backpacks. The beauty of such backpack is that it gives you the freedom to carry it along with you other stuff or make a separate outing without food.

6) A Perfect Picnic Will Always Have Games

For your picnic or outdoor excursions, you can plan and also carry several games along with you for making your picnics more enjoyable. Take versions of various games like dominoes, chess, snakes and ladders, card games, bean bag throw etc. for your picnic excursion. Apart from carrying indoor games you can also carry Frisbee, Badminton bats along with you.

Planning a picnic with your loved ones is surely an unforgettable experience.

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