Picnic Ideas: Don’t Miss Out On These Outdoor Activities

Running short of Picnic ideas? Looking for a little creativity in your picnics? If so, this little guide should get you excited about exploring the great outdoors. Maybe you’ll find an idea you like.

This little guide has 5 ideas that you may not have thought of. Some may say that they are a little unique. Some could even be considered a bit adventurous.

These ideas may not be your cup of tea but hopefully they will help prompt your thinking.

5 Outside The Box Picnic Ideas

First up – hiking. Hiking is a great way of getting acquainted with nature and doesn’t require any particular skill or expense. All you need is a pair of walking boots for rough terrain. Go trail hiking to follow popular scenic routes or, if you prefer, head off the beaten path and do some exploring of your own.

Another great idea and brilliant way to explore outdoors is by mountain biking. This isn’t expensive, either, as you can hire all the equipment you need from a range of locations, from the bike to the crash helmet. It’s a great form of exercise and you get to dictate the pace you prefer – you can go really fast to feel the wind in your hair or take it at a more leisurely pace to make the most of the scenery and fresh air.

A Bit Unusual As Picnic Ideas Go

Picnic Ideas: People Walking on Mountain

People Walking on Mountain (look Closely)

A bit unusual as picnic ideas go is to consider skiing. Suitable for all ages and abilities, skiing is always a popular choice. Go for a resort known for its snowy climate

to make sure you have the best time possible and make use of the lifts provided so you don’t have to go trekking up the mountain before skiing back down. You can choose from a range of runs, from the beginners’ nursery slope right up to the thrilling, challenging black runs. you would have to have the picnic indoors of course but I can assure it is just as much fun to eat in the car as outside.

Perhaps, though, you want a bit more control than whizzing down a mountain, in which case, why not try climbing up one? Climbing is great for toning your muscles and, if you go on an organized climb, you’ll have the peace of mind that people are watching your back so you can get on with enjoying yourself. You can hire all the equipment you’ll need and you can even practice on an indoor climbing wall first to get the hang of things before getting down to business. You can eat in a nearby picnic area.

This Last One May Take A Little More Planing

This last one may take a little more planing. This is because you have to make sure you end up or start from a picnic area.

Perhaps, though, you’d rather explore by water. In that case, you should definitely give kayaking a go. There are different levels of kayaking to suit all abilities. If you’re after a gentle, relaxing experience, then you can kayak on calm, flat water and enjoy your surroundings. If you’re more of a daredevil after a hair-raising experience, then you could try kayaking on white water. You can get kayaks for one or two people, so it’s a great way of seeing the great outdoors in company.

These are just some of the more imaginative picnic ideas. Perhaps you can suggest more?

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