Picnic Songs:Rain, Summer Time & Indianapolis

I’ve been told I have a good singing voice. Though I am not completely convinced, as I have heard myself singing on a recording and it don’t sound all that good to me. But it’s nice to know that others enjoy it. Still I won’t be trying out on any talent shows soon. But picnic songs are a different story.

When I think of summer time and picnics, inevitably, at some point I find myself humming or even singing parts of songs. I have no idea why it is that I do that but usually it is an enjoyable experience.

One of my favorite part songs at these times is Roger Miller’s – Little Green Apples. It has been a favorite of mine since I was very young.

Singing and the Rain Picnic Songs

I think that is I associate it with picnic songs because of the line “It don’t rain in Indianapolis in the summer time”. Where for me, summer time is particularly associated with picnics. Not too shabby logic I suppose.

Image of Indianapolis Capitol: Rain In Indianapolis In The Summer Time; one of the great picnic songs

Apparently It Does Rain In Indianapolis In The Summer Time

Still that started me thinking, never having been to Indianapolis, does it rain there in the summer time or not. Silly I know but the song does beg that question. Well apparently it does.

According to Wikipedia:”The rainiest months occur in the spring and summer, with slightly higher averages during May, June, and July. May is typically the wettest”. After all the years of singing the song who’d of thought?

I know I’m a bit sad to have ever thought that it was something worth looking up but that’s me. Besides when I look these things up I come across some interesting stories.

I came across this blog post. It could be a completely made up story of course but I enjoyed it. It’s fascinating what you come across when you are thinking about picnics isn’t it?

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