Picnic Spot: Carkeek Park – One of The Best Spots in Seattle

With a breathtaking backdrop like the Olympic Mountains and the beautiful tranquility of the Puget Sound, you can’t go wrong with Carkeek Park as your next picnic spot in Washington State.

Open daily and easily accessible from the I-5, it is the perfect getaway for a family day trip and alfresco dining.

The Park has been a fixture of Northwest Seattle since it was allocated is current location in 1928. Maintained by Seattle Parks and Recreation, the area offers more than just great picnic spot.

Getting There

Carkeek Park is less than 30 minutes from central Seattle following the I-5. All in all, it’s less than 7mi from the city, and you can find full driving directions to the park here.

If you’re planning a day trip, it’s best to get out early because the park only has space for about 75 vehicles. There are handicap parking spots available, but again they are limited, so start the day early.

What to do at Your Picnic Spot

Image of Carkeek Park Picnic Spot

Carkeek Park Picnic Area

The biggest draw of the Park is the scenery offered to visitors. Stunning views of both Puget Sound and the majestic Olympic Mountains belie the fact that you’re only a few minutes away from the city of Seattle.

There are 220 acres of forest, meadows, creeks, and in Piper’s Creek visitors will even find a recently restored salmon population. Over years of volunteer work and help from the nearby residents, a number of walking trails have been built. One of the best ways to discover Carkeek is to just turn up and see where the trail takes you!

Children can enjoy the outdoors and burn energy in the playground while you relax at the picnic area. There’s even a pedestrian over bridge where the railway crosses the western perimeter of the park. It’s a big hit with kids of all ages, or even adults with a bit of their youth left inside of them.

Carkeek offers the perfect outdoor picnic spot right next to urban Seattle, so even if you don’t have time to prepare and pack a traditional picnic in a basket, just grab some sandwiches and refreshments on the way and then sit back and enjoy nature with your family.

You Don’t Have To Leave the City for One of the Best Picnic Locations in Washington

The Park is convenient, and much less crowded than the nearby Golden Gardens. There’s plenty of open meadow space, light forest hiking, children’s areas, and of course there’s the beach on the Puget Sound with those magnificent mountain views.

Take a day out for a picnic with the family, and enjoy some of the best that Seattle has to offer at Carkeek Park.

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