Picnic Wine: Surprise Your Significant Other With Chardonnay

Chardonnay And Picnic Wine

If your goal is to surprise your significant other, perhaps by taking him or her to a romantic location. You often need look no further than the nearest park or patch of forest. These are outstanding places that mix your own tastes with the gifts that nature has to offer us. In wooded areas, you can find yourself gazing at beautiful clearings or even over the edge of cliffs that look onto beautiful lakes or ravines. There really is no limit to what you can find out there. And adding a picnic to the equation will make it all the better. Particularly if you add a good Picnic Wine.

Play Host To Some Of The Most Amazing Picnic Lunches

Image of grapes on vine: Chardonnay as a picnic wine

Grapes On Vine For Chardonnay

While the forest or other green area will play host to some of the most amazing picnic lunches, you should also consider what you are going to take with you; to make the experience complete. You might take the typical peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with some soda. But the goal is to surprise your significant other. We suggest you take it a step further by combining Chardonnay and picnics for an outstanding experience.

Chardonnay technically falls into the white wine category and has a more muted grape flavor. It is used in many different settings from romantic to celebratory, or even the occasional drink alone. Because it does work so well in picnic settings, there are actually picnic baskets available that include a specially allocate section for your wine. Some can even be bought with a choice bottle of Chardonnay along with some cheeses, crackers, and other items that make up the perfect lunch basket. No matter what kind of retreat you are going on, you will find that Chardonnay is an outstanding choice of drink, and one that neither you, nor those you take with you will regret. Take a look at the various options and make a memory that you are not soon to forget.

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