Company Picnic: Planning & Other Strategic Considerations

The Company picnic is often one event that is looked forward to by almost everybody.

This is an event that allows the employees and their families to mingle with each other and enjoy themselves.

But with all that expectation there is a lot of pressure to get it right. If there is any chance that it is going to go well and be remembered fondly then there is a lot of preparations. It’s planning is a serious responsibility.

The following is a guide to asking all the right questions that will give you a check list to work with in orchestrating that ideal day:

Choosing the Right Location For Your Company Picnic

The Location, including public parks, beaches, lake side, or amusement parks dedicated picnic parks are suitable. But your final choice should be based on the time of year and your budget but also whether everybody can relax. I don’t include the weather because if you are doing this right you are planning months ahead and that sort of weather prediction is not possible, beyond knowing the season. Hence you will need to account for shelter.

If it’s in a public park or lakeside or some other outdoor location, your team should ask:

  • “What sort of shelters do we want?”

    Image of Picnic Tables Under Shelter: A Consideration For Your Company Picnic

    Be Sure To Consider Shelter For Your Company Picnic

  • “Is there shelter already there?” if so “Do we need to book it?”
  • “Will I need a Marquee?”
  • “Do I need permission to put up a Marquee?”
  • “Are there places to sit?” “Do we need to organize chairs/seating?”
  • “Are there Tables?” “Do we need to organize tables?”
  • “Are there bathroom/toilet faculties?”
  • “Is there running water or do we need to provide it?”
  • “Are there BBQ’s?” “Do we need to provide them?”
  • “How many drinking cups will we need?” “What about Tea and Coffee?”
  • “How many Eating palates and utensils will we need to provide?”
  • “What about condiments?”
  • “Will the booking fee for all these things fit inside our budget?”

Preparing the menu for food

Planning these activities should be for fun and enjoyment and lots more. This will depend on who is coming. It will pay you to find out something about them. Whilst exotic food may impress the wrong group of people may not be interested or willing to eat it. Still other groups wont even notice what food you put out. Make sure that those who are handling the food understand food handling, storage and safety and if necessary have the appropriate qualification. Going home sick is not a memory you want to leave with people. Most of all don’t forget those on special diets

Preparing the menu for beverages

If there is Alcohol involved, make sure you cater for the non drinkers and the drivers. No one will thank you for going thirsty or being embarrassed because you think that everyone should drink alcohol.

Games and other activities

After you are done with all the preparations, plan some activities that everybody can enjoy. You can plan games and team activities that require participants to form groups so that all the people are encouraged to interact with each other. The most important thing here is safety. Well planned games and activities the are safety will finish the day on a high. But there is nothing like a broken leg to put a damper on the whole event.

Don’t dismiss and amusement or dedicated picnic park

Many of these places have prices that are all inclusive when you add up the cost and time of all the preparations in a public place, amusement or dedicated picnic park may be cheaper and less stressful.

A well Planned Company Picnic will not only give the planners a great deal of Kudos but will foster a more cooperative spirit amongst the workers and establish networks that will benefit the company so take no short cuts and stay within budget.

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