Pork: Tips, Tricks and Ideas On Bring Out The Best

Pork really is a wonderful meat

Pork offers so many possibilities. Unfortunately there are many people who fail to get the most from this meat, and so fail to experience it’s unique taste. If you want to get the most from this meat then these tips below should help.

This is a meat that should be cooked within three days of buying it to get the best from it; you really should not leave it in your fridge for any longer than four days at most. Frozen pork has a tendency to lose its flavor with ham being particularly affected.

When you buy pork, you should try to source it from a butcher rather than going to a supermarket and buying it pre-packed. When you buy your pork from a butcher you have more say about the meat you are getting.

Before cooking ribs, it is essential that you remove the membrane from the meat. If you don’t remove this membrane it means that the taste can’t escape from underneath.

If you are after chops then the ideal thickness is about one inch; this is especially true for grilling pork.

Image of Pork Loin uncooked

Pork Loin

If you want a healthier dish then grill instead of frying. Removing the excess fat when cooking stews will ensure that the dish is healthier. The best way to do this is to let the stew stand for a while when it has finished cooking. After a while you will see a brown substance on the top of the stew which is the fat. This fat can be scooped off to make the stew healthier.

You also need to give some consideration to other ingredients when you cook pork to make sure that you are only using ingredients which are going to add to the taste instead of changing it.

Portion sizes should really only be about the size of the person’s fist.

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