Positive Things To Say To Your Child Instead of “Because I Told You So”

Alternatives To The standard Old Chest Nut

Ever been short of positive things to say to your child when you need them to do something? Have you ever caught yourself saying to your children: “Because I Told You So”?

I know that I have. And I swore as I was growing up that I would never say that to my kids. I’ve always believed that kids deserve a proper explanation and I have tried to follow that through.

Obviously there are some times where you have to have them respond quickly without question but I reasonably convinced that if you treat them with respect most of the

Picture of a man in a suit waving his finger: this article is about positive things to say to your child

Because I Told You So

time they will pay that back by giving you a pass on the odd occasion because they know that you will have a good reason.

I did pretty well with my kids I think. But there were occasions were I just could not  think of a quick answer and a full explanation was just more than I could cope with.

Positive Things To Say To Your Child That Aren’t So Cliche

The more I learn the better I get and so I was really please to come across these to alternatives.

I hope you find them helpful.

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