Prayer To Defeat Satan: A Christians Authority In Prayer

Prayer To Defeat Satan and a Christians Authority In Prayer

It is a constant struggle to explain how Jesus could have defeated the Devil through His death on the cross and yet evil still confronts every Christian every hour of every day. More than that how is it that we should have prayer to defeat Satan when he is already defeated?

The concept never gave me any trouble in my mind, which is possibly why I enjoy science fiction so much; I don’t struggle with the idea of a paradox. However I have always struggled to explain it to those who do struggle with a paradox.

Image of a little church and steeple in the snow: This article is about prayer to defeat satan

Church is Not The Building

Therefore I always appreciate it when others come up with an easy, non paradoxical explanation. This article called: “Our Authority In Prayer” does what I think is, a really good job using Colossians 2:15 NIV and I commend it to you.

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