Promoting Independence In Children Using a Hands Off Approach

Is Promoting Independence In Children A Hands Off or Hands On Approach

I think I was a hands on parent as my children were growing up and I think I prefer that method of promoting independence in children .

But to be fair for a large part of their growing,  I was not home for most of the day. It was my wife that was the stay at home parent. Still I think she was pretty hands on too.

The idea of being a hands off parent would not have been something we would have considered. But I can see from this article that there are some certain advantages. Especially if you work full time.

For example the seance of independence and self reliance would possibly be much quicker to develop.

Two smiling young women (teenages) under a tree dress for swimming: It's about Promoting Independence In Children


Of course the inverse of hands off parenting is the “Helicopter Parent“. I am certain I never want to be that kind of parent.

As a long time swim teacher and childcare worker, I have just had too many bad experiences with such parents. To the point were I have many a time wanted to say: “why do you bother to hand over the care of you child to me?”; though I’m wise enough never to do so.

In any case, I think that there are some worth while things to be gleaned from what Rachel has to say so I recommend it to your reading list.


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