Reduce Weight: Why Do People Assume It Is Easy

You know what I’m talking about, comments like “you should loose some weight” made in passing or even as a flippant remark, from the fitness nut who just love to flaunt their superiority because they have “done it” completely forgetting, it would seem just how hard it was if they had to reduce weight themselves. Worse still are the medical professions par se comment: “have you thought of losing weight”?

And in your head you hear your self screaming “uh ha so why didn’t I think of that. Wait… Did you say you are a trained Doctor or just a ………..

Perhaps I should not be so critical. I mean most of them are only trying to be helpful. But if you are anything like me you have been wrestling with your weight for a very long time and if it were easy I would have don’t it already.

If I wasn’t trying then maybe there would be a case for the comments but we know now that despite what people like to assume the battle is not with a lack of interest but with our own bodies.

The reduce weight mafia

One of my pet peeves is diet contestant shows because these sort of shows just compound the problem.

Image of person eating: it is hard to Reduce Weight

We Have To Eat

I confess, I only ever watched the first season of the US series of one of these shows. I was at first impressed because the producers did seem to have a genuine interest in the contestants. But when I saw the first few episodes of the second season and I realized that I had been deluding myself. Because as soon as they got the chance, they deliberately set people up for conflict and love to portray fat people as pigs, weak or stupid and the trainers as super heroes and perfect.

Australian series are worse, way worse when it comes to this and it makes me so ashamed to be Australian. At least from an advertising point of view. They compound the problem in the same way as they do above but they also bully and denigrate the contestants into submission.

I hate bullies and for the life of me I can’t see how in a society like ours that actively discourages bullying, that we turn around and promote it with show like this! Bullies are half the cause of the problem. What makes anybody think that if you bully someone to reduce weight that there are any winners. This sort of stuff is a loose, loose situation; except in the short turn for the producers and others people who profit from this, but in the long term everybody losses.

To reduce weight is hard. We know that is hard, not because fat people say so but because the science says it is. That is not an excuse that’s a fact.

Don’t let the ignorant and the bullies win. Don’t give up! You keep fighting with your weight because if you do, you will eventually succeed. Then just think about how you will feel when those who called you fat (even when they didn’t use those words) are heaping on the praise. You can smile at them as you hold them in contempt in your mind. Basking in their praise, knowing in your heart that they are the weak, ignorant and stupid pigs. Don’t retaliate just feel sorry for them because you will have proved yourself stronger and more courageous than they could ever be.


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