Reduce Weight & Small Changes: My Weight Loss Story Pt14

Last time I was struggling with the idea of how to reduce weight if my body is going to go into starvation mode every time I try. It will slow down my metabolism and anything else it needs to do to try and keep that weight up. The situation seems to be hopeless.

Or is it?

A while ago I was listening to “The Health Report” on the Australian Broadcasting Channel (ABC) and Dr Norman Swan was the reporter. I like Dr Swan because he make medical speak understandable for people. I liked him even more on this occasion because with his Scottish sense of humor he referred to the reduce weight professionals as the weight loss Mafia.

But I was most intrigued with the response of the other Doctor that was being interviewed.

Reduce Weight in Small Doses

Image of Cherry red summer apple surrounded by a tape measure: reduce weight in small bits

Reducing Weight in Slow Small Amounts

The Doctor being interviewed said that to reduce weight, means a lifestyle change, as we all know and that the ideal way to take off the weight is to do so by reducing your food a little, a very little bit at a time.

For safety sake I talked to my own doctor about this because such a diet plan may not suit everybody but the concept of making very small changes to my diet had my attention.

I can conceive that minuscule changes may be problematic for some. After all some of us need to get that weight off faster for the sake of our health but in my case the were no immediate issues.

The idea behind slow changes seems very sound. Basically I’m trying to trick my body into thinking that the changes that I’m making don’t matter because they are so small and therefore there will be little or no change to my metabolism.

The floor could be a bit similar to the problems one has weaning off a drug compared to going cold turkey. The difference in this case being that we need food to live we may not need the drug. Hopefully unlike my Atkins experience, there will be no withdrawal symptoms.

Still it is hope.

Next time: is the ideal weight all a conspiracy


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