Road Rage Avoidance Picnic ideas: Five Tips For Staying Safe!

This is one of my best picnic ideas: Avoid Road Rage
Just because you drive to a picnic doesn’t mean that you should have to contend with any unpleasantness on your way there or back home. But wanting it to be so is not going to stop it.

Of course you could just be an exceptional driver and it will never happen to you right?

Unfortunately even exceptional drivers have to confront the possibility of other drivers who despite the evidence are unwilling to take the blame for their bad driving and blame you.

Like it or not Road Rage is a Reality

Picture of Driver looking in rear view mirror for Road Rage

Looking for Road Rage

One occasion were I had to confront road rage was when I was driving along at the speed limit when someone drove up rapidly behind me. Slammed on their brakes and spent the next little while blasting their horn and yelling at me from their window; trying to force me to speed up. As this was in effective the driver passed me, in a way that I found hard to believe it was so unsafe, pulled in front of me and then proceeded to slow down to force me to stop behind him.

He got out of his car turning the air blue with his language and walking towards me. If ever I saw road rage in someone face it was in his.

What was I going to do?
Lock all my doors? No.
Get out and confront him? No.
What then?

… I just waited till he was half way to my car and then I drove around him.

It’s not going to take a “road” scholar to work out that this guy was pretty stupid and it had never occurred to him that just because the traffic was such that I was forced to stop initially it was not going to stay that way. I left him standing in the middle of the road screaming and ranting, stranded and unable to get back to his car quickly enough to follow me because of the traffic jam ‘he’ had caused. If it hadn’t been so scary it would have been hysterical.

Anyway you don’t want anything even vaguely similar to spoil your picnic experience. So here is an article called “Road Rage, 5 Tips to staying safe”.


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