Romantic Indoor Picnic on Valentines day

Valentine’s day isn’t the only excuse to bring romance & intrigue relationship. In fact it’s the small gestures year-around that make for the most successful relationships. But there is no good reason why you can’t put in a special effort on this day and consider a romantic indoor picnic.

February in Australia is often perfect for picnics. It’s the end of summer here. But I get cold very easily so, although I’ve seen video’s on Youtube of people having an outdoor romantic picnic in the US and Europe on cold February days, it’s not for me. Although there is a certain romantic elements involved in getting all rugged up to enjoy a lovely meal; particularly if it is a hot or warm one and then going home and snuggling up in a lovely warm house.

But outdoors is not the only way to have a romantic picnic. An indoor picnic is just as pleasurable and fun if you go about it in the right way.

I found this really simple romantic indoor picnic video that I’d thought that I’d share with you (below). I think that it’s beauty is the emphasis on simple. You don’t have to go to a lot of expense to make an indoor picnic successful and romantic. You do however have to put in the effort.

Nor for that matter do you have to stick to the suggestions in the video. Choose your partners favorite food. Instead of hearts use real flower petals. If you can afford it you can even get edible ones. If you don’t mind having a live flame in your house use that instead. You don’t need to sit at the table put a table cloth on the floor and some pillows to sit on.

The point is if you are in love and you want to remain in love then putting in more effort is much more likely to keep that flame alive than than spending more money. Use your imagination. Even if you can afford better, it’s not what you spend that counts it’s what you do.

A Romantic Indoor Picnic Idea:

If Your In Love And Willing To Work At Staying That Way

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