Romantic Picnic and 5 Ways To Say I Love You

Whether you are trying to spice up a long term relationship or you want to surprise someone new it can become a little difficult trying to think up novel ideas for romance. You need something unique, unexpected and usually something that won’t break the bank.

These ideas aren’t hard to come by, but if you are stuck coming up with something new then look no further. We’ve compiled 5 examples of romantic treats for your special someone. Each one requires a little preparation and a certain amount of prior knowledge about the guy or girl you are surprising, so don’t expect any ‘get loved up quick’ schemes here.

Five Romantic Picnics

  1. Midnight Romantic Picnic – The homemade picnic is romantic anyway, but by making it in the middle of the night it adds that touch of essential romance and surprise. Location is key here so choose carefully. You either need a power supply for outside fairy lights or a secluded area that is suitable for candles. You’ll need candles with a high side so that the flame is protected from the wind. From there onwards it is really up to you. Lay down a nice blanket and your picnic hamper basket full of all your favorite treats and a bottle of something special and you are all set.
  2. Rose petal pathway to heaven – This is not really something for new relationships but will certainly introduce a new spark into an established one. Plus, you need to already be living together, or have access to your partner’s home for this to work. The concept is simple. Create a pathway from the door, upstairs to the bedroom. You can do this with rose petals, sweets or anything else you think is suitable. So when your partner comes home they will follow the pathway to find a romantic picnic or meal, a massage table all set up, or anything else you find suitable.
  3. Treasure hunt – This is perfect for those who are still young at heart. You can create
    Romantic Picnic Picturesque Sean

    Romantic Picnic Setup

    it with small gifts or small pieces of card with a note about something you love about them. Each gift or card should include a clue to the next hiding place. This is a great way to spend an evening and is certainly not expected. End the Hunt with a romantic picnic or meal.,

  4. Homemade meal surprise – Although this is probably one of the best known romantic surprises it is certainly one of the most effective. The key to success is to keep it a secret and mislead your partner so that they don’t suspect anything. Light candles, set the perfect music to play and always ensure there are multiple courses to enjoy and just to change it up make the meal in a romantic picnic format.
  5. Film in the park – Finally, this is one of the most romantic picnics, yet difficult to arrange concepts. Ideally there would be a perfect starry night and the event would be arranged by the local council, but failing that you might have to arrange it yourself. You can always do it on a smaller scale, using a white-washed wall of the house, a projector and some comfortable seats in the garden. If you set the scene perfectly you can create a romantic atmosphere and from then on it is just a matter of choosing the perfect film.

There are many more ways that you can inspire love or reconnect with someone special and they don’t need to cost a lot of money. Just think about what your partner loves and try to find a way to use that in a romantic manner.

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